consulenza fiscale

Tax consultancy and taxation

If you are looking for tax assistance, Fabio Barison's accountant Dr. Baroness is the answer to your problems. Having been in the industry for several years now, the accountant offers advice on direct and indirect taxation, tax legislation and tax declarations for private individuals, self-employed workers and companies across the Venice area. You may also apply for tax assistance at the studio for all tax and business tax issues.

Direct and indirect taxes

We offer specific consultation services for direct and indirect taxes, including VAT, IRPEF and IRAP, as well as assistance in tax litigation. The accountant will also be able to update you on current tax procedures and help you in planning and tax optimisation.

Services for businesses, self-employed and private workers

The accountant is also able to offer tax consulting services to both private and business users, especially with regard to custom taxation strategies tailored to specific needs. Among the services offered in the field of taxation, we can also find out how to handle VAT opening and closing procedures, drafting balances, evaluating assets, making tax returns and more.

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