consulenze diritto societario

Both for contract technical advice and for corporate domiciliation and re-organiSation, contact an expert in corporate law such as Dr. Fabio Barison. We have been a landmark firm for many years for key companies in Venice and offer advice and assistance for issues of business management, accounting and tax optimisation. Dr Barison also works as a statutory auditor for the trade unions.

Specifically, you can receive professional assistance and advice from your accountant for:

  • practices for the formation of a new company
  • practices and assistance for the management of the relationship between companies
  • cases of transfer and reorganisation of companies;
  • company domiciliations.

The study will be able to assist you in the event of your company merging, transforming or splitting.

From an accounting point of view, we also deal with the preparation of financial statements and tax statements, and also offer advice regarding the stipulation of contracts. Finally, we are specialists in the settlement of practices related to the liquidation and dissolution of companies, with their valuation of assets. For more information or for consulting in the field of business, visit our Venice studio, located in the heart of the historic centre and within walking distance of the Entrance Agency.

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