revisioni contabili

The chartered accountant and bookkeeper Fabio Barison is an official auditor of accounts, but he is also a consultant for the Civil and Criminal Court of Venice. As a statutory auditor of trade union collegiums and consultant in corporate law, the doctor is engaged in carrying out statutory audits of accounts and certifying the budgets of companies and companies throughout the country.

Specifically, we deal with the preparation of financial statements as provided for in the fiscal and civil code, as well as in the financial statements, for the preparation of assessments on the correct management of the financial operations of a company or a individual. Dr Barison is a specialist in the field of optimisation and tax planning, as well as in commercial and financial consulting.

The auditor has a very important legal role, and that is why you can always go to the accountant's accountancy as well as accounting, since you are sure to want to entrust your business safely to experts. As an auditor, the doctor also carries out interim financial audits and audits in order to constantly evaluate the company or company's performance. For more information and appointments contact the studio today.

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